Recent Recipients: Meet “Moses”

Moses was only 3 months old when he was found abandoned in a bucket, severely malnourished and nearly dead, in a rural community approximately 40 km north of Whistler. The Whistler Animal Shelter (WAG) responded immediately, and dispatched a staff member to find and rescue the puppy. She rushed him to the emergency clinic in Whistler, even though he appeared dead during the car ride.

This photo was taken when Moses finally regained consciousness, about 8 hours after being admitted to the hospital.

Moses was in critical condition for nearly 24 hours, at which point he was transferred from Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic to Canada West Veterinary Specialists, where he remained hospitalized in the intensive care unit for several days.

Moses is a true survivor, and is he is getting stronger every day. He is one of the most polite, well-behaved and clever puppies you could ever meet.

Moses’ donation was made in the loving memory of a really great dog, Ben The Dog.

The Whistler Animal Shelter (WAG) is a safe haven for the homeless and abandoned pets in Whistler and the surrounding communities.

You can read more about Moses’ story, or donate specifically to his fund by visiting WAG’s Critical Care Update Page. Please consider donating to WAG’s various funds, which help homeless pets get access to medical care.

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