Meet “Johnny” [a.k.a “Bae Bae”]

“Johnny” [a.k.a. “Bae Bae”] was the chosen recipient for the Snoop and Love Emergency Assistance Fund for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  He was surrendered to our local animals shelter, WAG, when his owner was unable to pay for the medical care that he required to treat a life-threatening urinary obstruction.

We truly believe that the best solution to the problem of pets being surrendered to animal shelters is education. If more people really understood the responsibilities of pet ownership before getting a pet, then we feel that many of these situations could be avoided. Surrendered pets (especially during a medical crisis) are a drain on animal shelter resources.

The educational video about Bae Bae has been viewed by nearly 20,000 people on facebook to date, where it can be found in the Twin Trees Vet educational video library.

In this video we discuss vital information that pet owners need to know to be prepared for pet ownership. The responsibility to provide timely medical care when your pet is sick or injured, is just as much an obligation of pet ownership as are providing food, water and shelter. These are hard conversations to have, but failure to provide timely medical care in an emergency constitutes neglect, and this is a form of animal cruelty or abuse. We discuss the importance of getting timely medical care if you are worried or concerned about your pet, and the importance of being financially prepared for the worst case scenario.


The pet problem is vast and widespread. More than 50% of households in North America own pets, however many pet owners do not really have what it takes to actually care for a pet for its entire life. As a result, millions of innocent pets suffer, are surrendered to shelters, and are euthanized every year. Being part of the solution means raising awareness.

The beautiful part about Johnny’s story is that the children in the community also felt compelled to raise awareness about these issues. The poster above was made by a 5 year old girl at the local school. Posters like this one, made by kindergarten and grade 1 children, were put up all around town, with the hope that people would become more informed on vital issues affecting animals.


We chose to add this poster to our permanent art collection at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic. When we contacted the girl so that we could purchase the piece from her, she refused to accept payment for her artwork and requested instead that we make the donation to WAG.

She then made us another card that read- “Thank You For Helping Us.”

We are all in this together, and we need everyone’s help to be advocates for animals.

Bae Bae’s donation was made in the loving memory of a really great dog, Ben The Dog.





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