Who are Snoop and Love?

The Snoop and Love Community Foundation was named after two very special patients, who will always remain a source of inspiration for the people whose lives they touched.

“Snoop Dogg” was only 10 weeks old when he arrived at the clinic as a nearly dead and unresponsive Doberman puppy that looked like a skeleton.  He was badly infected with  the Parvo virus and hook worms, intestinal parasites that had depleted Snoop of nearly all of his red blood cells. Both diseases are easily prevented when puppies receive proper preventative vet care. The veterinarian’s own dog donated blood for Snoop’s life-saving blood transfusion, and a dedicated network of hospital staff and community members supported Snoop through his critical illness. After he recovered, Snoop became a loyal companion for a war veteran, thus completing the circle of altruism and good will.

Love’s story is a perfect example of people coming together to help someone in need. Love was a homeless young cat who experienced complications while delivering her kittens. She was found lifeless in a field by several small children, who are the ones who gave her the name Love. Love had probably been lying in the field for close to a week, and the kittens were long dead. At first the children thought they had found a dead skunk. The neighbours ran toward the children’s calls for help and then rushed Love to the emergency vet, where the team performed heroic measures. Shortly after arriving to the clinic, Love actually died but was resuscitated after more than 20 minutes of CPR. She had to relearn to eat and walk. In the following days and weeks, the chain of altruism continued to unfold for Love, from the devoted staff at the veterinary hospital to the kind-hearted person that adopted Love into the perfect home.