Emergency Assistance Fund  

The Snoop and Love Community Foundation operates a need-based emergency assistance fund for animals in the local community in need of emergency vet care.

Digital Curriculum

The Snoop and Love Community Foundation is building an online curriculum using short, informative videos. The content empowers viewers to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, It includes tips from experts in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, and sustainability.

Wildlife Emergency Response Network 

The Snoop and Love Community Foundation is working to strengthen and support the community’s wildlife emergency response network. Locals and visitors commonly encounter injured wildlife. We want to improve public knowledge and provide resources and training for volunteers engaged in primary care and transport of injured wildlife.

Blood Donor Program 

Just like humans, dogs and cats have blood types. Blood transfusions can save lives. We are building a roster of pre-screened, healthy [dog and cat] blood donors, who are willing to help their friends in need.

Database of Societies and Coalition Task Force

Did you know that in BC there are more than 500 non-profit societies and charities dedicated to animals, wellness and the environment?

By aligning the groups by purpose and encouraging cooperation among similar societies, the coalition task force helps like-minded societies to more efficiently achieve common goals.